Parti Shot: Spring Creek Residence by CLB Architects

When you design houses in the mountains, you master a whole new vocabulary to describe building sites. This new house on 40 acres in Jackson, Wyoming, will occupy the “toe of the slope of one of the buttes,” says architect Eric Logan, AIA, of CLB Architects. All that we flatlanders need to understand is that the location affords a spectacular prospect and enough level ground for the house and outdoor spaces.

“The views slope down to beautiful ranch land that’s protected property,” Eric explains. “It’ll have a daily light show, and the grandness of the Tetons.” The complex will encompass a main house of nearly 9,000 square feet, along with a 1,000-square-foot guest house—or “Nugget”—as the firm calls their smaller guest quarters.

The entry is topside and then, “like a layer cake,” the building steps down the hill. Principal living areas and the owners’ suite occupy the main level. Says Eric, “One of the architectural moves is, as building form bends around, it leaves the hillside, becomes a bridge, and then returns to the hillside. The hillside gently rolls underneath. The lower level is not apparent, unless you’re downhill looking up.”

The bifurcated lower level places secondary bedrooms to one side and recreation areas to the other with a partially covered terrace between them. Punctuating the terrace is the other grand move: “She’s a swimmer, so we designed a lap pool with a disappearing edge. It extends into the view like an exclamation point.”



Spring Creek Residence

Jackson, Wyoming

ARCHITECT: CLB Architects, Jackson


PROJECT SIZE: 8,890 square feet (main house), 1,000 square feet (guest house)

SITE SIZE: 41.6 acres


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