2019 AIA Small Project Awards: Michigan Loft by Vladimir Radutny Architects

Inside a century old structure initially built for automotive assembly and display, we renovated a residence that was poorly functioning as a domestic space.

Scaled architectural components, material restraint and theatrical lighting, lessens the overall spatial dominance, while openness and clarity of space is maintained. The continuous wood platform organizes the vastness of the open room, providing an edge for more intimate furniture arrangement and a designation for objects on display. Clad in steel, the sleeping cube is situated away from the perimeter for greater noise and temperature control, it’s a visual anchor that transforms, revealing one of many uses contained within.

As one moves between the meandering levels, a variety of unexpected views and conditions are revealed, bringing the homeowners closer with the raw qualities of the industrial raw cloak that is their home.

Michigan Loft

Architect: Vladimir Radutny Architects

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Category: Under 5,000 square feet (category three)

Additional Information

Design Team: Vladimir Radutny, Ryan Sarros, Fanny Hothan

General Contractor: Artistic Construction

Structural Engineer: Triumph Engineering


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